Visits and Briefings

4 IMG_2253LUV organises bespoke visits and briefing for anyone seeking information about London urban issues, its major development projects and its areas of growth and change.

We cater for those with academic, professional, business, or administrative interests, but also for casual but interested observers and tourists. We are able to host small or large groups as well as individuals, providing short visits and extended tours.

4 IMG_2193We cater for those wishing to explore specific sites and locations (such as the Olympic Stratford, Canary Wharf, Tech City, or Kings Cross), and for those with a broader agenda (such as current housing in London, prospects for East London, or the future of suburban town centers)

We set our visits in context with informed and objective briefing which can cover social, historic, economic, and design aspects to suit the visitor.We can draw in specialist detailed support where this is valuable.

Recent examples include

  • a London study visit for the Environment Department of Frederiksberg Commune, Copenhagen, Denmark;
  • a visit to Stratford and the Olympic Park for Gehl Architects;
  • a three day London urbanism learning programme for a group of civil servants from Guangxi, China, as part of a course for Oxford University;
  • a short learning programme about development delivery vehicles for a delegation from the City of Johannesburg Property Company.