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3 RalphRalph Ward is a co-founder of London Urban Visits. He was an early strategist for the Government on the Thames Gateway project, and subsequently became the regeneration and planning advisor for Olympics and Olympic legacy. Before that he drafted the first Mayoral Economic Strategy for London, and worked at a senior level for both London Docklands Development Corporation and for the London Development Unit in the Government Office for London. Ralph is now a visiting professor at the London East Research Institute, University of East London, where he is part of a team running a public seminar series on the post Olympic change in east London. He has contributed to two books which will be published by UEL later this year, one on the impact of the Olympics on East London, and the second on the impact of mega events generally on cities.


3 MOMichael Owens is a co-founder of London Urban Visits. He formerly led the London Development Agency’s development policy and regeneration programmes in the Thames Gateway. He has worked on a number of major regeneration projects across London, including Park Royal, and was the chief executive of a regeneration company in the area regenerated for the Olympic Games. Michael is a researcher, writer, and visiting lecturer specialising in London’s development. Michael is an advisor to Bow Arts Trust in east London and an adjunct professor for University of Southern California, teaching London based programmes.